Andy Ford


Now established as one of Britain`s most succesful Live performers and a Pantomime Legend, the West Country`s favourite daft comedian Andy Ford started in the business at a young age with his first paid gig shortly after his twelth birthday, by 14, he had joined a band as a singer and was the front man for many years before eventually going solo. Moving to the Cabaret scene he started to introduce more humour and it was the comedy that created excited interest from showbiz agents culminating in many tours and cruises.

In 1997 he was featured on ITV`s BIG BIG TALENT SHOW hosted by Jonathan Ross, and his unique performance resulted in Executive Producer Nigel Lithgoe inviting Andy to appear on the THE ROYAL VARIETY SHOW in the presence of Her Majesty the Queen and Prince Philip on their Golden Wedding Anniversary.

More TV appearances followed including ITV`S TALKING TELEPHONE NUMBERS and Channel 5`s award winning childrens`s comedy show, HAVAKAZOO. In 1998 Des O`Connor invited Andy onto his famous couch and the merriment created ensured a return spot on Des`s next series plus regular appearances on TODAY WITH DES AND MEL where he performed alongside Rod Stewart, Celine Dion, Shania Twain and many other stars.

In Pantomime, Andy enjoys playing the ‘Simple Simon’ type role and over the years he has teamed up with icons such as National Treasure Dame Barbara Windsor, David Hasslhoff, Henry Winkler, Louie Spence, Warwick Davis, Steve McFadden and many others.

Andy appeared in his stand-up comedy show “LOOK IT`S ME!: ANDY FORD” around the South West in April 2018.

Andy loves creating comedy as a script writer, tutor and performer; his online course

He is currently helping people all around the globe to enhance personality and confidence through humour.