Mike Osman


Mike Osman is probably the best Donald Trump impersonator in the world.

He is available for all functions apart from Kim Jong tribute dinners and Mexican wall building projects.

Mike is not only a President Trump impersonator he will also do a vast range of voices at your event including Boris Johnson, Nigel Farage, Michael Macintyre, Jeremy Clarkson, James Nesbit, Stephen Fry, Stephen Merchant, Dara O’Brian, Barack Obama, Sir Alex Ferguson, Jose Murinho, Wayne Rooney, Arsene Wenger, Jurgen Klopp, Mrs Brown and many more.

Mike has worked for many high end businesses clients and high net worth individuals. If you are having a golf day, conference or any event, then Mike as Trump is a perfect speaker for the dinner.

Here is what England Football legend Kevin Keegan had to say:

“Mike playing golf as Donald Trump made the day it was so funny. His speech was just brilliant. I would have loved it if I had beaten him but I didn’t. The President can play golf so good!” Yes sometimes Mike will play golf during the day walking onto the Tee as the Donald.”

The late great Peter Aliss wrote this:

Dear Mike

It was lovely to see you at Ferndown at the Alliss Invitational.   I love the new routine featuring President Trump.  The mannerisms, the voice and particularly the wig were absolutely magnificent.  I hope he gets in for a second term so we can see more of you – he certainly gives you plenty of material!

All good wishes for the future, it’s wonderful that you keep coming up with new material, beautifully presented.   Long may you prosper!

Wishing you all the very best,


Mike is available for TV and Radio commercials and voice over impersonations of famous celebrities.  To read more reviews please visit his website www.donaldtrumped.tv.  Mike has the sole represenation of the John Miles Organisation.